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Exploring the Latest Insights from RAJAR's Radio Listening Figures

Today, the airwaves are abuzz with anticipation and excitement—it's RAJAR day! As the official arbiter of radio audience measurement in the UK, RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) holds sway over the industry, providing invaluable insights into listener preferences and trends. For broadcasters and stakeholders, it's a day of nerves and excitement, as they eagerly await the quarterly feedback on audience numbers and performance.

Here at The Relations Group, we're committed to keeping you informed and empowered with the latest insights. Let's dive into the key statistics unveiled by today's RAJAR release, shedding light on the state of radio listening in the UK.

Map of the UK with key statistics from RAJAR Q1 2024 showing that 89% of the population tuned into radio each week and 77% of the population tuned into digital radio
RAJAR Q1 2024 listening figures top lines

Steadfast Listening:

The heartbeat of radio remains strong, with an impressive 50 million adults tuning in weekly. This robust audience represents a staggering 89% of the adult population, underscoring the enduring appeal and reach of radio broadcasting.

Graph showing that digital radio listening is growing with listening share up 1% from Q4 2023, and DAB listening at 58%
Digital radio listening is growing

In an era of digital transformation, radio's presence extends beyond traditional airwaves. A remarkable 44 million adults aged 15 and above tune in via digital platforms, constituting an impressive 77% of the population. This digital evolution highlights the adaptability and resilience of radio in an increasingly interconnected world.

Rising Podcast Popularity:

The allure of podcasts continues to grow, with 33% of listeners tuning in at least once a month. This upward trend underscores the burgeoning popularity of on-demand audio content, offering listeners a diverse array of topics and formats to explore.

Mobile Listening On the Rise:

The convenience of smartphones and tablets has transformed the way we consume radio content, with 30% of listeners tuning in via mobile devices. Whether on the go or at home, mobile listening provides unparalleled flexibility and accessibility for today's discerning audience.

BBC's Triumph and Commercial Challenges:

Amidst shifting dynamics, the BBC emerges victorious, with a notable uptick in audience share by 0.2%. In contrast, commercial radio grapples with a collective decline of 0.6% audience share across the board, signalling challenges in an increasingly competitive landscape.

As the curtains draw on today's RAJAR revelations, one thing is abundantly clear: radio remains a cornerstone of modern media consumption. From steadfast listenership to digital innovations, the industry continues to evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of audiences.

Here at The Relations Group, we're dedicated to navigating these shifts and helping you stay ahead of the curve. Join us as we unravel the stories behind the statistics and chart a course for success in the dynamic world of broadcast PR.


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