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Social Media Kits

Creating social media clips from broadcast interviews is a vital strategy employed by The Relations Group to maximise our clients' exposure and enhance their brand image. These clips serve two primary purposes: condensing compelling moments from interviews into bite-sized videos for social media platforms and reaching a wider audience.

The benefits of this approach are numerous. Firstly, social media clips increase visibility and exposure by sharing impactful content across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. This amplifies our clients' message, heightens brand awareness, and attracts new followers, customers, or investors.

Secondly, social media clips provide a convenient and accessible way to consume information. By condensing lengthy interviews into concise snippets, we cater to shorter attention spans and ensure that our clients' messages are easily digestible and memorable. This encourages viewers to engage with the content, explore the full interview, and seek more information about our clients and their offerings.

What is included in your social media kit?

After a campaign you will be sent media assets that can be utilised by your digital or social teams to amplify the effectiveness of your campaign. One good bit of broadcast coverage could give you ongoing credibility and brand positioning for years.

  • MP3's and audio files of the interview recordings

  • Spectograms / Audiograms of the three best items of coverage

  • A showreel in audio and video format of the highlights of your media coverage in under 3 minutes

  • ​5 Social Media Clips of key messages that are under 60 seconds and in portrait format so that they can be easily shared on Instagram stories and reels and TikTok.

Here's what's included:

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