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Reacting to News: The Key to National Media Coverage

Most of the time, we will work with you to draft a campaign, creating a story that positions you as the voice of authority in your sector. Sometimes, however, the media will cover a story and will be looking for an expert in your field to come on and talk about it. In these cases, we go out to them pitching you as the voice they’re looking for to cover the story. We call this “Reactive Pitching”.

A good reactive pitch has these key ingredients:

The Right Story

We scour the news every day looking for interesting stories for our clients. If you have key themes or topics you’d like to speak on, let us know ahead of time. That way, we can reach out to you when we see a story your spokesperson would be perfect for.

Quick Communication

A breaking story will have journalists frantically looking for guests to talk about it. To be at the front of the queue, we will work with you to ensure that we can confirm that you’d like to talk about this story and your spokesperson is available.

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A Quote from You

With reactive stories, we won’t have time to write a full press release or creative copy. Instead, news producers will have their story and will be looking for guests who have a strong stance on the issue or a message they can bring to the discussion. If you can provide us with a statement, we can position your spokesperson as perfect for the topic – securing you coverage on some of the biggest shows in the UK today.

The Perfect Spokesperson

There are benefits and drawbacks to reactive coverage. The benefits are that it’s quick to use a breaking story and pitch in your spokesperson to talk about it, and you’re more likely to get national media interest. However, because this story will not be written by us, the spokesperson you choose must be confident and ready to talk about the story and the issues it raises.


With these core ingredients, we have managed to secure spots on many national media outlets that you’ll recognise. Reactive pitching is a core tenant in our PR strategy here at The Relations Group and can be successful for you as well if you’re a brand that is aligned with some of the biggest issues in the world today.

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The Relations Group can make recommendations and help you select strong stories and spokespeople. If you would like to find out more click here.


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